Car buyers are twice as likely to book from a Virtual tour.

Today, car buyers use technology to make the task of buying their next car easier.  Virtual tours enable car buyers to research, view and experience a new car where ever they are in the world.  Virtually Captured showroom and vehicle virtual tours put car buyers in the drivers seat.

Virtual Reality Has Many Benifits For Improving Your Business

Because of COVID, people now use the web even more.  Virtual tours have taken off across the world particularly in the real estate industry.
Google even gives a preference to websites with virtual tours.  Having a virtual tour can increase your rankings in search results.

Trust Building

Virtual tours build trust with car buyers as they can view every angle of the vehicle or showroom.  They can gain additional information about key features of the vehicle, whilst in the tour.  They feel nothing is being hidden from them, thereby building trust and improving the likelyhood they will purchase from you.

Customer Engagement

Car buyers become engaged in virtual tours.  It is new and enticing technology.  Virtual tour viewers spend 5 to 10 times more times viewing a tour than a website without a virtual tour.
Customer Enjoyment

Customer Enjoyment

Virtual tours a fun!  People like them. (well at least good ones). People feel like they are experiencing the future, today.  Just like in the movies.  It has been scientifically proven that people buy more when they are excited.  Virtual tours create excitement for car buyers.


You get more than a simple virtual tour.

Google Analytics

Every virtual tour has analytics embedded into it.  This is extremely powerful for car dealerships, as you can continuously test where the best place to put your call to action.  For example, if the majority of car buyers go to the driver seat, it makes sense to have a call to action to book a test drive present.  Better still create a book a test drive button at the top of the tour, so a car buyer can click on it wherever they are in the virtual tour.

Guided Tours

Our virtual tours include guided tour capabilities.  A guided tour is a video conferencing software embedded in the tour.  This enables sales people to sell to your customers strainght from your website.  This can create a more personalised experience for your customers and thereby improve your sale conversions.


Having an embedded video of a sales person explaining the key features of a car, is a great way to differentiate your car dealership from the competition.  Car buyers can choose whether they want to listen to the video, simply by clicking on the sales person.

Fully Customised

Every tour is unique and special.  Each image, description, hotspot and effect is chosen to enhance the car buyer’s experience and to improve the conversion ratio of the tour.  Nothing is left to chance, nor created to be mass produced.  Every visitor to your virtual Showroom will know they are experiencing something truly unique.


Your Virtual Showroom Will be Just as Engaging as The Real One if Not More!

Virtual tours have changed the way people experience places and products online.  Google commisioned a study in 2015 and this is a summary of its findings.  Since COVID-19 virtual tours have gone from a nice to have, to now a must have for any business selling products to the consumer.
  • People want virtual tours 67% 67%
  • Customers aged 18 to 34 are 130% more likely to book a place if there is a virtual tour 130% 130%
  • Adult users on the internet rely on virtual tours 50% 50%
  • A virtual tour helps listings double interest 200% 200%
  • prospective home buyers research on the internet before reaching out to an agent 92% 92%

Virtual Tour Visits


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