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Changing the way New Car Buyers experience, research and buy cars online.

Seperating Vehicle Virtual Tours from Virtual Showrooms just makes sense!


The Problem

Having a Virtual Vehicle Tour in the Virtual Showroom is great except that it is extremely difficult to allow the new car buyer to customise their desired car.  They can’t change the variant, colour or add addtional options to the vehicle.

Our Solution

By creating a Virtual Vehicle Tour in a special car photo booth, we can create a whole database of vehicles with all the variants available to car purchaser.  We will start with Make, Model and Badge and over time add the  choice of Colour to the offering.


Next Step

We are offering a limited number of New Car Dealerships the opportunity to pre-order a one time payment for a lifetime membership.  These select dealerships will have the opportunity to be our vehicle suppliers.  Our hoped benefit for these dealerships is that the car manufacturers will provide additional vehicle stock at no additional cost.  

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